Taro’s Fish – A Fresh Taste of the Sea

What’s colorful as a kaleidoscope, delicately arranged, and has the mystique of the far East written all over it? Sushi, of course! And not just any sushi, but sushi from Taro’s Fish.

It’s hard to find truly exquisite, fresh sushi. But imagine having it made directly at a fish market. No supermarket or middleman. That’s fresh! And that’s what puts Taro’s Fish in a league of its own. And they offer a lot more than just sushi.

If you have a penchant for anything made with fish or seafood, you’ll love this place. You’ll find fresh Salmon, Tuna, Halibut and more. Choose from a wonderful array of Japanese cuisine specialties, including teriyaki, tempura, and sashimi.

Taro’s Fish also offers catering. Whether it’s for a wedding or a business meeting, they can provide a real fresh fish feast. All fish is personally chosen by Taro himself, and comes from places such as Portugal, Ireland, and Greece – even as nearby as Lake Erie for fresh, local Pickerel. From plump oysters to grilled squid, to takoyaki, the variety is amazing.

Taro's Fish - Catering

Catering at Taro’s Fish

As with any professional catering service, they’ll gladly discuss and communicate with customers to determine their wishes. They don’t have any fixed menu for catering, so ask and see what’s possible. Delivery of catering orders is possible, if that works with your budget. Otherwise, customers can simply pick up their order. For sushi platters or sashimi platters, you’re able to call in your order and pick it up in 30 minutes, especially on weekends and evenings.

Few dishes can rival the aesthetic beauty of artfully presented jewel-like pieces of fresh fish and colorful sushi platters. And few places offer as tantalizingly fresh fare as Taro’s Fish. You’ll get all the omega-3 essential fatty acids you can handle, while savouring the delicious taste of the sea.

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